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Antalya is a large tourist town in southern Turkey. Its Mediterranean climate makes its winters mild and rainy and its summers warm and dry. It is a dream destination with its steep cliffs, limpid sea, beautiful beaches adorned with verdant vegetation and mysterious caves.
The international airport served by many foreign airlines is for many in the development of tourism. The majority of the passengers who land there are tourists.
Antalya is one of the largest cities in Turkey. It has a population of just over 800,000, with an area of ​​141,700 ha. It is also the seat of the district and province of the same name.
History of Antalya, cultures and traditions
The history of Antalya began to be written in 150 BC. When King Attalus II, King of Pergamum, founded the city. Since the city has always been inhabited. The Romans and Byzantines occupied the city before it fell under the Ottoman yoke.
These different populations have left many traces that can be found through the great number of ancient ruins.
Things to see and do in Antalya

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Not to be missed are the Aspendos theater which is the best preserved of Turkey, Termessos, a wild spot of particular beauty, as well as the waterfall on the Duden River.
Other monuments are interesting to see, like the minaret of the Yivli mosque with its 90 steps representing the symbol of rental car antalya airport, the old city with its narrow streets, Roman clock tower and Hadrian's gate Made of marble. The Municipal Park and the Museum also contain collections of antiques.
The old town of Kaleiçi is the ideal place to shop. It is home to the old port which has become a magnificent marina.
The city offers activities such as exploring the Koprulu Canyon, visiting the ancient ruins of Perge, Hierapolis, Pamukkaleballade and its flea market or strolling through the park of Karaalioglu.
You can also make a small panoramic cruise on the Mediterranean from the boats anchored in the port.
To get a beautiful panorama of the city climb up the hill of Tünektepe, to the top you will find a hotel, a revolving restaurant, and a nightclub.
You can also discover:
Roman Theater
The Hidirlik Tower
The Ahi Yusuf Mescidi
The Iskele Mosque
The Pacha Murat Mosque
The Tekeli Mosque Mehmet Pasa
The Balibey Mosque
The Musellim Mosque
Main events in Antalya

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The main festival of Antalya is the Antalya Film Festival, the most important of its kind in Turkey. It has been held annually since 1964 in September or October. The prizes awarded are the "Golden Oranges".
Where to go out in Antalya?
In summer the night life in Antalya is very lively, you will find plenty of hookah bars, bars with live music, trendy nightclubs and so on.
The best places to go out are: Konyaalti beach and the old town (Kaleiçi).
Cuisine and specialties
In Antalya the food offered in the restaurants is generally very correct and cheap. A full meal will cost between 5 and 10 Turkish Lira, or about 3 to 7 euro. Most of them are seafood and fish restaurants.
Many restaurants offer a variety of cuisines ranging from Turkish cuisine to international cuisine.
The traditional drink is raki, nothing to do with Greek raki, actually Turkish raki is more or less the same as

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