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 These meetings held monthly with the tourism sector, as well as the evaluations of 2016 and 2017, as well as the preparations and problems of the 2018 Governor Münir Karaloğlu stating, "This city experienced a great crisis together in 2016. But we emerged from the crisis in 2017 with the potential of the city, the dynamism of the sector and the dominance of tourism and the leading city. We can not make money in terms of income, it is true. It is a fact that we can not increase the number of tourists in our tourism incomes. In 2018, the goal is to correct the problem of income in tourism. We hope that by putting new figures on performance caught last year, we will also increase our incomes at the same time. "


Emphasizing that Antalya is a tourism city, Governor Karaloğlu explained that the city is a tourism city with investments and works of all public institutions and organizations to the municipalities from the roads that the players do not only consist of the names in the tourism sector. "We are talking about a 100 percent increase between 2016 and 2018," Karaloglu said.  

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If we do not make it feel like everyone else in the city, if we do not fall on all the sides, the number we want comes from tourists, but we can not make them happy. Everyone living in this city should start our preparations for 2018 and start preparing by the end of April, and we should enter the season as the governor of the city, our metropolitan municipality, district municipalities, public officials, artisans, taxi drivers, industrialists and shoe painters.


Karaloğlu emphasized that everyone who has to deal with the guests in the process should not behave like a city bride by removing the refuge, road sides and rubble from the municipality and the district municipalities. The whole city, everyone who lives in this city, must make a duty. We all have work to do and if everyone does the job, we will reach the tourism figures we are targeting and we will catch the figures we want in the revenue. Our guests come to this city and let them leave this city happily. I have clients coming to the same hotel 30 times. This is very important, we are able to bring it over again, "he said.

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Governor Karaloglu explained that the expectation of human mobility in Antalya is 20 million for 2018, 13,14 million foreign tourists as well as the number of domestic tourists coming to the city is at least 3.5 million, he said. With 2.5 million urban population, Antalya will serve 20 million people this year. "Everybody who provides ground handling services at the airport, 

carrying baggage, police, customs officer, service driver, agent, needs to renew itself. We can also be sure that we will do everything from the very beginning in the direction of sector demands. "


Preparations at the Antalya Airport were discussed at the February tourism evaluation meeting. Yasar Döngel, a member of the ICF Board of Directors who gave a presentation on this subject, said that the foreign visitor was the first impression when he came to town and the last impression was the airport when he left the city. Yasar Döngel explains the capacity, security, passenger comfort, and investments made in commercial terminals for the year 2018. He also said that from 2007 to 2017, it was a graph that rose during the airport passenger traffic for 10 years.

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