How can i make a reservation ?

You can make your reservation by using the link "Rates & Reservation". Simply choose the dates and the times, then choose the car and fill your information. Also you can make your reservation by the phone 0090(242) 462 25 52 or just by sending a fax to 0090(242) 462 25 62 

How can i get my car ?

If you choose getting the car at the airport a representative will meet you with your name on a sign and the car will be at the airport. If you choose hotel; then they will be waiting at the outside of the hotel and will ask the reception to contact you. 

What's included in this price ?

Turtas Car Rental offers an All in One rate that includes: insurance, unlimited free mileage, additional driver fees, Collision Damage Waiver, Delivery from ant to the Airport or the hotel (when only in citycenter) and sales tax. If you want to get the car from the hotel, which is out of citycenter- then you need to pay some cost up to the distance. Once you have made a reservation for a date, that means if the prices change you won't be effected by this increase. So an Early Reservation is more advantageous then the late one. 

How can i make the payment ?

You can make the payment by cash at the delivery points and also with an invalid credit card (visa/master). You can make the credit card payment online on our web page which is secured with SSL certificate. 

How can i cancel my reservation ?

When you make a reservation you may cancel up to 1 week in advance of your designated pick-up time without penalty. If you cancel less than 1 week before your pick-up time, %5 of total price fee will be assessed. 

What should I do if I have problems with my car ?

Before you start driving, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the vehicle's equipment and operation, including heat and A/C, radio, lights, windshield wipers, spare tire, seat belts and door locks, and gas tank access. Getting distracted trying to figure out those things while driving can be dangerous. Don’t wait until the fuel warning light goes on to think about buying gas, especially if you don’t know how far it is between gas stations. If, in the unlikely event that your car malfunctions on a major thoroughfare, lock the doors, turn on the hazard lights and, if you have a cell phone, call the phone 24-hour roadside assistance at 0090.242.462 25 52 Don’t leave your vehicle. Wait in the car for service or the to arrive. Accepting help from strangers, no matter how well intended, is not a good idea unless you can’t call for help and they can. If, in the unlikely event that an emergency light illuminates on your control panel, don’t ignore it. Use good judgment about whether you can get back to our location safely and don’t hesitate to call our 24-hour roadside assistance.
How can i get contact with you incase of a problem ?

You can call our office number 0090(242) 462 25 52 in week days between 08:30 and 18:00 hours. And also you can call 0090(532)641 71 87 at 7/24 in all days. 
What should I do if I'm involved in an accident ?
First, contact the police to complete an accident report, then immediately contact us. You can find our phone information on your reservation confirmation or on the front or back of your rental agreement.You can call 24-hour roadside assistance at 0090(242) 462 25 52. 

Can someone else drive a car that I rent ?

Yes, you may add additional drivers to your rental agreement when you pick up your rental. Additional drivers must present a valid, acceptable driver’s license, be at least 20 years old.