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In a delightful setting, on the Turkish coast, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea lies Antlaya. In the south-west of the country, the city is located on a limestone plateau, above clear waters.

Enjoy thrills during your stay in Antalya. History mixed with tragedies, heroism and mythology, let yourself be submerged by emotion, shiver at the sight of its unspeakable beauty, lose yourself in the possibilities that are available to you!

On the south coast it can be very hot in summer. Between June and September it is generally easy to reach 30 °. Winters remain mild. To avoid crowds, the mid-seasons (April-May and September-October) are ideal.

Antalya, also called the "Turkish Riviera", can boast to please everyone. In the spring, you can ski down from the surrounding mountains and end up in a swimsuit on its beaches, that's the luxury!

There are plenty of sites to visit in Antalya Airport, beautiful beaches to be tapped and tourist facilities to match your expectations! In addition, prices are not necessarily excessive for such a popular destination.

Whether you enjoy strolling through museums, dreaming about archaeological sites, sunbathing while sleeping, playing Indiana Jones in the caves or having fun doing all the water sports possible, you will inevitably find happiness in Antalya!

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There is an airport and shuttles to the city center. You can rent a car (with international license only) by taking knowledge of the local us ... There are taxis in all major cities. Do not hesitate to use the dolmuş ("dolmouş"), collective minibuses that leave when filled!

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Visit the Old Port area and, nearby, the fluted minaret (Yivli Minare) and the Alaaddin mosque. Stroll also in the old town (Kaleiçi), where the bazaar and the truncated minaret await you. Around Antalya do not miss the precious archaeological sites such as the theater of Aspendos, the best preserved of the country, or the sites of Pergé and Termessos.

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In the tourist area of ​​the Old Port there are many bars and restaurants! In the historical district, Hesapci Sokaki Street, you will find beer gardens and musical restaurants! There are also very nice cafes-gardens. Finally, there is no shortage of discos. The typical evenings with belly dancing are possible too!

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With more than 25 million passengers a year and increasing numbers, the airport of Antalya is one of the most frequented in Europe. In the south-west of Turkey, it is the most important air traffic turnstile. The airport was located about 13 km outside the center in the municipality of Muratpasa. Passengers have a total of three terminals: Terminals 1 and 2 are reserved for international flights and Terminal 3 for national flights.

Upon arrival you will find several car rentals in the airport hall. For the journey by car to the Car Hire Antalya Turtas city center, you need about 20 minutes by using the access road D400. The beaches of Lara can be reached via the Kardes Kentler road within 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the bus line 600 between the airport and the bus station or private shuttles. From the hotels.