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Chairman of the Mediterranean Tourism Hotel and Businessmen Association, said that Bayram Tatili and 30 August Victory Day will be celebrated together.
After the holiday of the Sacrifice Feast was taken to 10 days, the oteller in Antalya caught a 100% occupancy rate. During the 10-day festival, 1,5 million dollars were expected from 1.5 million local tourists, while tourists stated that they would celebrate the two festivals together. AKTOB President Erkan Yagci said, "Bayrama is preparing in a very serious way and we have our August 30th Victory Day ahead of our religious holiday and we will celebrate two festivals together because it coincides with the holiday period and we will have special programs on two festivals.
"We will have a very busy period"
AKTOB President Yağcı stated that they are in high demand in Antalya and that "We are in the period when we see the most demand in Antalya and we are expecting close to 700 traffic in terms of foreign tourists in this 10 day period. There will be a lot of domestic and foreign tourist traffic which will create a serious demand in the sense that the hotels are full and our hotels have already reached a hundred percent and we are going to have a very busy period of course Antalya is a very strong tourism city in terms of guest satisfaction. We are waiting for a period when the demand is alive in Antalya, "he said. Antalya rent cars Turtas very cheapest price 
"Our goal is to make the prices come to a good point"
Erkan Yagci who says that prices are improving in 2017, said "We are at a high level and our prices are at a certain level.We had a serious break in 2016. We see prices as a year of recovery in 2017. Our aim is to get prices to the good spot. We can foresee that our income will increase ".
"There is a 14 percent increase in 7-month data"

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Looking at the year average, there is a serious increase in Antalya voicing AKTOB President Yagci, continued his speech as follows:
"When we look at the average of the year in Antalya, we have a 63 percent increase in our current income, Antalya rent cars Antalya Airport which will be reflected in our income and our income will increase by a considerable margin." Antalya is one of the driving forces of Turkey's increase in tourism revenue. It's good news, of course, that we can get above last year's figures at the end of the third quarter. "
"We are working to not have double booking as hoteliers"
Yağcı explains that they are sensitive as professional hoteliers in order to avoid double booking, saying that serious obstacles will be experienced in finding places because a hundred percent is reached. Erkan Yagci, "In the coming years, the announcement of such a holiday earlier will be very important in terms of reservations," he said.
"We will celebrate two festivals together"

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AKTOB President Erkan Yagci stated that they have prepared the Kurban Bayrami very seriously and said, "I will stay at home for 4 days because it is 10 days from Bayram holiday, I have the opportunity to have a holiday in another city in 6 days. There are 900 hotels in Antalya, we have more than 400 5-star hotels.Every facility has its own operating system and certain programs according to demand, but each facility has a bayrama We are preparing for a very serious sense of Bayram and we have our August 30 Victory Day before our religious holiday and we will celebrate two festivals together because it coincides with the holiday period and we will have special programs on two festivals.