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In August, the number of visitors to Antalya in 2014 rose to 6 percent, the record year. On the other hand, arrivals from Germany, which are another source market, are 7 percent lower than last August. The current situation on the German market has a negative effect on the recovery of Antalya.

AKTOB's statement states that the accommodation sector, which is seriously drawing the price, highlights the growing role of the Russian market in growth.


"In addition, the number of tourist arrivals from Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Iran, Albania, Lithuania, Kosovo, Jordan and Iraq adopted in August 2014," said the United Kingdom. Kazakhstan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia have grown compared to 2016, but the figures for 2014 have not been reached.
The decline in markets in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Austria has continued in recent months. The decline in these markets has a negative impact on growth growth in other markets. In addition, the Belgian and Swiss markets are declining compared to the last month of August. "


According to the AKTOB statement, the number of visitors to Antalya rose by 73 percent compared to 2016, the income rose by 8 percent compared to 2015 and 11 percent by 2014. If we look at the data from January-August 2017, the number of tourists who are to come to Antalya, 7,144 thousand and it is increased by 63 percent over 2016 Antalya Airport. These figures are 14 percent compared to 2015 and 18 percent compared to 2014 year, "he said.

Antalya, July 30, the Mediterranean Hotel and Hotel Management Association (AKTOB) President Erkan Yagci in evaluations said:

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"Among the countries that send visitors to Turkey, Germany protects second place despite the loss. We are making important contacts to revitalize our relations with this market, which is in the shadow of politics. We are in great support and cooperation with tour operators with whom we have been cooperating for years in the German market, one of the most important building blocks in the development of Turkish tourism. When we look at the data, we can see that Antalya is the driving force to redirect the demand for Turkey. In this respect, the accommodation sector in Antalya showed great dedication. There is no change in our tourist vision, we see Antalya as a competitor to Spain.

The most important element of growth in 2017 was the Russian market. We must grow absolutely in the European market in 2018, especially in the countries of Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia.

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In a growth model focused on Antalya, Russia, the decline in European and especially German markets is influencing the growth figures. Antalya has closed the gap between 2014 and 2015 from August. In 2018, we will have to put our demand on the European market and Germany back on a positive note, and we will be moving our prices back to a sustainable level in 2018. At this point, the public sector should urgently build a co-operation with the sector and form the basic strategy of 2018 on the basis of the European market.