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Tourists want airports, agencies and hoteliers to be supported in the winter.

Erkan Yağcı, president of the Mediterranean Tourism Hotel and Employers' Association (AKTOB), told AA correspondent that the problem of seasonality in tourism is experiencing every year, the tourists who are hosting June, July and agustosta 1.5 million and 250 thousand in the winter season.

Emphasizing that the problem of seasonality caused the fragility, Yagci pointed out that they were doing serious work towards this.

At least in 2015 to reach the market structure in winter, describing what they want to reach Yagci, said:

"In order to ensure that the upward trend we have achieved in the summer period will continue in the winter period, the premiums and supports given to employment must continue and we have to return to the European market and we have given a good test in the summer period and hope that the same trend will continue in the winter months as well. It is not possible to say that 100 per cent improvement of Turkish tourism is possible, but the support given has been effective.In 2018, aircraft supports, employment support should continue, now we have to reach 40 million figures. "

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- "In tourism, we are on a rising trend"

Hakan Duran, Chairman of the Professional Hotel Management Association (POYD), said that they prepared the "Touristic Forum" to be held in Ankara on 1-3 November.

Duran reminded us that Numan Kurtulmuş, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, will be chaired by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, "It is important to continue the support given to airline, agents and hoteliers. she said.

Referring to the fact that Turkish tourism could become an old one, Duran pointed out that they went on a rising trend after a bad season and they approached the figures of 2015 in the number of tourists coming.

- "Turkey will see 30 million tourists"

President of Turkey Federation of Hoteliers (TÜROFED) Osman Ayık also emphasized that the supports given in the summer are demanded for the winter, and he said that they will discuss the problems experienced in the tourism field there.

"We have a law number 2634. This law should be written in a new way and a new constitution should be established for the sector for 15-20 years," he said. need to write. " said.

He also stressed the need to make new legal arrangements, and suggested that the regulations be made to protect the spirit of encouragement.

Stating that they were living in distress in the summer, Ayık said:

"After 2016, the figures are good, and hopefully Turkey's figures will see 30 million this year ... In total, the coastal regions in Antalya are generally good figures, not all the wounded, not all wounded, of course. some of the moves made to keep the use of the trained, experienced staff in the sector, the actions related to the fiashed enabled us to reach good numbers. "

He noted that Turkey is seeing a figure of 40 million in 2014, although the price increase in tourism is not so easy, but it is due to the increase in the number of tourists.

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Sailboats and yachts are seen in the harbor and small ponds. The warm Mediterranean and Antalya have welcomed the people of the world. Because people have come to rest and to have fun.
Antalya Düzceçamı forests are one of the most important areas where hunting tourism is made in Turkey. The hunting is held with the permission of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey, between October and January. In this region where hundreds of species live, only mountain goats and wild boar hunts are made. The hunters of different nations of the world pay wages according to the horn lengths of the entrance goats, wasted, wounded and hunted mountain goats. At the same time, the area of ​​antiquity, which includes the ancient city of Termessos, consists of forests and sar / mountains. The hunt is organized in the presence of local guides.
Climate and natural beauties cause various national and international congresses and symposiums to be held in Antalya. Because many cities of Europe and Turkey are under snow in winter, sunny days are experienced in greenery in Antalya. Various organization organizations and Provincial Administration have focused on Congress Tourism and have a very special modern Congress Hall with simoline system. In addition, a congress village, which includes all social facilities, is built near the sea near Sorgun. On the other hand, various national and international meetings and symposiums are held in the lounges of the hotels in Antalya. Thus, Antalya has become a congress city where art, culture and scientific meetings are held in summer and winter.