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Antalya is the capital of the province of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey with a population of about 600 thousand people, reaching up to 2 million in summer. Scenic Antalya rises on a steeply dropping to the sea plateau, in the beautiful bay of the same name. It is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey with an international airport and a developed entertainment industry.

Antalya was founded in 159 BC. King of Pergamum by Attalus II. In 133 BC. The city was conquered by the Romans, becoming the winter residence of Emperor Hadrian. Then came the Byzantines, after which the Seljuk Turks conquered the city in 1207, and under the sultan Murat I in 1426 the city was annexed to the Ottoman Empire. In the 1960s, Antalya started a tourist boom and the city turned into one of the largest resorts in Turkey.

Antalya with its numerous modern hotels, sports complexes, night life of bars, restaurants, discos, fascinating sea trips along the delightful coast, carefree skiing with slides in the "Aquapark", is a center of tourism and recreation.

The climate of Antalya is typical Mediterranean: warm and dry in summer, with moderate rainy winters. The sun shines from April to October. Humidity is quite high, about 64%, and the average water temperature is +21.5 ° C. The summer season lasts about 8-9 months.

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The mountains are very close to the city. The beach is slightly elevated, so only in some places there are beaches. As a rule, three-star hotels do not have their own beach, their inhabitants often use the city pebble. The higher in status hotels have their own access to the sea, but limited in area.

From ancient Antalya there are many historical monuments: the Hadrian's Gate, the Yivli Minaret, the Kaleichi Quarter with narrow winding streets. The Antalya Archaeological Museum is one of the five most famous museums in Turkey. Every day from the bay, pleasure craft are sent for day trips to the outskirts of Minivan Rental Antalya Airport.

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Stone streets. Two thousand years ago on this place a settlement appeared that grew around the natural harbor at the foot of the hill. The Romans fortified the harbor, in the era of the Ottomans it was surrounded by strong walls of 5 km in length. Then the city was divided into four separate quarters - the Greek, the Jewish, the Muslim and the quarter of the ruling clan of the Mamelukes. After the founding of the Turkish Republic, all foreigners left the city, and it was almost completely abandoned. In the 80s of the last century, old houses began to be restored: now they are occupied by restaurants, small hotels, shops.

The most popular recreation places for young people are the discotheque Olympos and Discoland. Antalya Beach Park is also one of the most fun places for Antalya holiday.

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