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The Middle East and Gulf countries, considered the third largest fair tourism market, 8 were presented at the Antalya Jeddah International Fair for Tourism and Travel.
8. Jeddah International Travel and Tourism Exhibition The Western Mediterranean Development Agency (BAKA) made an open presentation with the organization's stands. In the 30 countries of Antalya at the fair more than 200 participants are state, Burdur the board member of BAA Chamber of Commerce President Yusuf Keyik, Burdur General Assembly President Muzaffer Bağcılar and Isparta Provincial General Assembly President Ali Bolat 15 homes and travel agency Antalya, Isparta and Burdur He made a presentation. Burdur governor and president of BAA tourism sector who participated in the fair with Serif Yilmaz support three days in Saudi Arabia in the port city of 8, to meet the expectations of Jeddah Tourism Fair, they receive positive feedback, and they Expect significant tourist market growth from the GCC in the new season, he said. Trade in Arabic and English Antalya promotional film Saudi shows great interest for visitors with tourism professionals, Antalya, waterfalls, rivers, information on national parks and forests and mountainous regions received.

Tourism capacity and infrastructure affected
, Especially the upper segment 404 rooms that Arab tourists 5-star hotels Respond and Saudis have learned Antalya, that the places where they Antalya tourism capacity and infrastructure are surprised hotels tesettür and they were new halal tourism opportunities aware and once in Antalya he wanted to come, he said. Antalya holds great potential for tourism Saudi tourists came to our country last year, a total of 651,000 Arabia, the country is trying to diversify its tourism resources. Saudi tourists, they come with Antalya, more connected shipments, Turkish Airlines last summer of Riyadh launched this year's pursuit of flights between Antalya to guide and also a set of Jeddah in the time plan, called for an increase of current number weekly flights.
This year, as well as Antalya, Trabzon, Elazig, development agencies, as the provinces of Samsun and Bursa, tourism and travel agency also found in Jeddah Tourism Fair. Consul General in Jeddah Emir of Akif Menevşe, Jeddah Commercial Attaché should Dönmez, Turkey's Prime Minister Support Investment and Promotion Agency the representative of the Gulf States Mustafa Goksu Airlines and Manager Jeddah wished every success by visiting Erol Senol in Antalya stands.

Source market for tourism in Turkey and has the distinction of being one of the largest competitor in both the Mediterranean Spain, the level of spending came to Turkey in 2017 became the most important address of loud tourists. Tourism on the one hand trying to get back the lost tourists to Spain from Turkey to pass a hand plus the number of Spanish tourists are showing intense effort again. Hoteliers Association of Turkey (TÜROB), Spain doing research related to the tourism market, expectations and projections showed. President Timur Bayindir TÜROB providing information relevant to the trial, expected to come to Turkey last year, but not foreign tourists, said that Spain's gain. Bayındır said that Spain's total number of tourists has increased by 8.6% compared to the previous year and reached 81.8 million tourists by breaking all records in 2017. "Another record was recorded in tourism revenue. In 2017, Spain spends 1,062 Euros per person and has generated a tourism revenue of 87 billion Euros in total. In Spain, per capita spending was 1,023 euros in 2016 and tourism revenue was 77 billion euros. "