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More than 10 million tourists coming to Antalya are a big activity in health tourism and tourism sector.
Amon SPA coordinator Dürdane Çakmak said that the number of tourists coming to Antalya has risen by more than 10 million in tourism and health tourism. Last year, tourism problems experienced in a very short time more than tourism dependent on all sectors Lighter explained that the return to the old days: "This is hopefully a rapid growth in the coming days continue and with the next season a much better Figure, "he said.

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Tourism returns to its old days
Late last year represents the industry, especially the decline in the number of tourists from Russia Lighter very negative impact "Our country has experienced difficulties overcoming last year in a very short time. This year, Russian tourists have begun to favor Antalya again. This year, the number of tourists from Russia, especially more than 4 million of the spa industry, has returned to its old days.
his promotion of studying abroad in Antalya this year's increase in the importance of having Durdane lighters with "made in terms of promotional activities for this year a very important sector in Antalya. Tourism has reached such a high pace this year that it has a huge impact on its work. "

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Despite Antalya's arrival in Alanya province in November, local and foreign tourists who knew the opportunity of sunny weather flocked to the beaches. The occupancy on the beaches did not look for hot summer days. In many provinces of Turkey, cold weather and snow show the effect, while in Alanya days of writing are experienced. Domestic and foreign tourists, despite November, enjoyed the sunny weather by sea. Tourists and citizens who had the opportunity to sunny weather in Alanya, enjoyed the sunbathing by swimming in the beaches of Cleopatra, Keykubat and Damlataş. Hot sand, sunbeds, vacationers, books and sunbath for a long time. After the sun bath house, the tourists who were throwing themselves in the blue waters, abundantly. The children played in the sand and created colorful images. The crowd at the beaches did not search for pictures during the summer months  Antalya Airport.

Thanks to Governor Karaloğlu
Antalya governor Munir Karaloğlu'na also stated that the lighter is a great opportunity for the city, "The governor on our very important work for the tourism sector have both the domestic requirements of Antalya abroad this year. With the fact that we have exceeded the number of 10 million tourists since the beginning of the year, the sector has also been morally fulfilled. It is a great opportunity for us to explore Antalya with our Valium. I thank him very much, "he said.

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