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Erkan Yağcı, President of Akdeniz Touristic Hotel and Business Association (AKTOB), said that the number of tourists coming to Antalya from 7 January to 2017 is 7 million 144 thousand 537.

According to the number of foreign tourists coming to Antalya in August, the number of foreign tourists increased by 73 percent compared to 2016, according to 2015'a 8 percent, according to 2014''a 11 percent is exaggerated.

Yağcı stated that the number of arrivals from Russia, which is the main source market, increased by 6 percent compared to 2014, which is the best year in tourism, according to Antalya Airport entrance data.

Tourists from Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Iran, Albania, Lithuania, Kosovo, Jordan and Iraq have also passed by 2014, while the decline continues in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Austria Yagci, gave the following information:

"The number of foreign tourists arriving in Antalya in August increased by 73 percent compared to 2016, but by 8 percent by 2015 and by 11 percent by 2014. By January-August 2017, the number of tourists visiting Antalya reached 7 million 144 thousand 537. Despite the wreckage, the German market is still in its second important market and we are making considerable contacts to revitalize our relations with this market We are in great support and cooperation with the tour operators we have cooperated for years in the German market which is one of the important building blocks in the development of Turkish tourism. we can see that Antalya is the driving force for the redirection of demand to Turkey.In this regard, the accommodation sector in Antalya showed great devotion.We have no change in our tourism vision, we see Spain as a competitor.

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Noting that the main element of this year's growth is the Russian market, Yagci stated that in 2018 the growth in the European market, especially in Germany, Benelux and Scandinavian countries, must be passed.

Turks abroad, who come to Turkey every year for holiday or holiday, spend about 33.2 billion dollars in tourism expenditures in Turkey in the last 5,5 years while they have created a great economy with their expenditures.

Economy 'expatriate' doping
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06 September 2017
Turks abroad who come to the country every year due to holidays or holidays, make a great contribution to the Turkish economy with their expenditures.

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According to the information collected from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than 6 million Turkish citizens live abroad. Approximately 5.5 million of the Turks abroad are located in Western European countries and the rest are located in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Many Turkish citizens abroad are holding the path of Turkey in the New Year and summer holidays, especially the Feast of Sacrifice and Ramadan each year. The Turks living abroad provide a great deal of activity in the economy with the purchases they make during the period they stay in the country.