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Two lifestyles that have been floating in Antalya and its surroundings for centuries are a legacy. When the Turks came here for the first time, Villages, towns and cities. A part of the population continued to live as if it had been before the Turks came to Anatolia. According to this lifestyle, which means semi-established, at least 15-20 relatives are related to each other; They live in hair tents, they go out into the mountains in the summer, and in winter they go down to the hot oval called winter. They grow animals, such as camels and sheep, and spend their time producing and selling their products with the products of the established people. They produced meat, milk, fat, hair tents, and natural roots. Even in the winter, they would have grains and vegetables. There were even large groups of tribes (tribes, tribes) who brought up horses for the Ottoman army.
The Turkish kilims, which today embellish the most important museums of Europe, are the hands of these people. A great deal of today's folk music cult is inherited from the colonies. Karacaoğlan and Dadaloglu are the most important poets of Turkish folk poetry and music.

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You can hear such qualifications in almost every corner of Turkey, as long as the people who settled in rural villages describe themselves as "indigenous peasants", while they are a group of Yoruks settled collectively. However, even if people emphasize this awareness of life extending to the old, they all have the same root and are Turkish. They do not look at each other differently and see it as a wealth.
Today, Turkey is one of the countries that best adapts modern technology to the modern modern life. But nowadays, there are still a few small groups of people who are both nostalgic and cultural values, surviving for thousands of years. The numbers do not exceed a few hundred. In a pitiful way, only lifelong remained in that lifestyle. If you fall in love in the summer months in Belek, Manavgat and Alanya, decorated with bell-shaped rickety tourist tourists will see. That's the history of those days. You will also see the Yörük tents, which serve local and foreign tourists, in Kemer and Kumluca road in Antalya. In these semi-museum tents you can have ayran and pancake for Yörük. When the locals of Antalya find the possibility even today, they come out in the summer, such as Gömbe, Sütleğen and Alanya. This tradition is a remnant of their ancestors. In some districts like Alanya, you can see that the snow, which is hidden in the wells in the Taurus mountains in winter, is brought down to the center of the district in August and sold by mobile sellers. This is again only one of the old traditions of Yorukler.

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Birol Ekici, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya, who shares the details of the decisions taken, said, "First of all, 40 special security personnel were assigned from Muratpaşa and Metropolitan Municipality in order to improve the security structure in Kaleiçi and 25 thousand 486 lira penalty will be applied to those who exceed noise limits and do noise pollution. The service delivery vehicles will only be open between 07.00 and 12.00 and student services will be open from 07.00 to 18.00 Kaleiçi will be subject to penalties with the departure of more than half an hour at the beginning of the entrance hours. In order to provide access to the region, two ring lines were established and it was decided that parking permits should be given for the number of parking lots for residential buildings, tourism facilities, official institutions and associations. If there is no parking lot in parcel, a pascart will be given for every residence, tourism establishment, official institution and establishment, association and so on. An arrangement was made by creating the pool system of the tour boats previously. Control of the safety of the tour boats, passage of passengers from one point and entrance from one point with tourniquet system, 2 points will be evacuated. The dealer and paper collectors will not be taken to Kaleiçi and the shopkeeper will not be able to put tables and chairs outside the drawn lines. "Ekici stated that with the addition of 27 more security cameras to Kaleiçi, the number of cameras will rise to 75."

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