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Perfect combination of beach and culture
Rent a Car Antalya Airport is a city on the Turkish south coast. Due to the beaches and the warm Mediterranean climate, Antalya has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. From May to October, tourists from all over Europe, Russia and the Far East fly to this Turkish city. The Asians see you especially outside the peak season in Antalya. They do not come here to stay in a resort for days, but to enjoy the history and culture of Antalya. This way you see more asians in Antalya in October than Europeans seem to be.

Whoever celebrates a holiday in Antalya and his / her hotel almost does not seem to be a death sentence. Because Rent a Car Antalya Airport has grown to become a metropolis of more than a million inhabitants, but also a lively and fun city. It's so fun that it's worth taking a city trip to Antalya. This is almost entirely due to the historical center of Antalya. This part of the city is now only a small part of the entire city. However, it is the place to do it. Who wants to go shopping seriously in the new city? The nice shops, bars and restaurants are located in the old town. Also here are some nice boutique hotels. You do not have a mega pool or beachfront location. However, you have an attractive room in an authentic piece of Turkey.

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Who thinks you can only go to the beach in Antalya in the district of Lara, which is wrong. Antalya also has a large beach on the west side of the city. This is Konyaalti Beach. This large public beach is a pebble beach. This distinguishes itself from Lara Beach. Rent a Car Antalya Airport Although the beach is public, you have to pay to get the car in the car by car. Along the beach is a walk boulevard and you can visit several beach bars. The Beach Park in Konyaalti is also a popular place to swim with dolphins.

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If you are walking through Antalya then you will especially find places where tourists come to find so-called bazaars. Do not be fooled. These "bazaars" are ordinary stores that call the name of "bazaar" tourists. The word 'bazaar' means in the Persian 'marketplace'. Actually, it must be a permanent covered market. Nice examples of this are the Great Bazaar in Istanbul and Charge Bazaar in Hyderabad. The shops in Antalya call themselves a bazaar who really do just to attract the tourists' attention. These are the places where the owner often tries to attract you from outside. "Hello my friend" is therefore a widely used opening line. Are you looking for souvenirs or other mischief then you can walk into such a counterfeit bazaar. Whoever is looking for a really nice covered market, can only walk through this kind of places.