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Duran said that Russian tourists prefer Antalya more because of Russian security problems, airport controls and some other problems as he did not allow flights to Egypt.

"Egypt is still alive when we live in 2016. The Russian aircraft will continue in Antalya until the first week of November with very good weather for the Russian guests who can not go to Egypt because of the fact that the Russian market very much In addition, Israel and the Middle East are still in high density, and in our internal market we have a meeting holiday so our hotels have a high capacity. "

"The prices for us are very reasonable"

POYD President Duran said that according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a loss of 15 percent compared to last year in German tourists from August shows that this is a very serious segment that does not give up from Turkey despite all the negativities.

Duran said that the elections in Germany had come to an end and that now all have to return to their normal life, he went on:

"When we look at the two parties, neither Germany nor Germany can give up easily, we have very serious trade and economic relations, mutual investments, and at the moment Germany's 50-year-old citizens want to go to peace and hot countries on their budget so that German tourists will continue to come to Turkey. "

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"Turkey is not a country to give up"

Duran stressed that Turkish tourism will not be able to catch up with the 2014-2015 figures, but will rise in the next two years.

"Turkey is not a country to give up, and it can not easily find such a country with its climate, its price and the price of its money." "Duran said that the competing countries this year will apply very high prices.

"But we can not get our prices and services out of our heads," said Duran, who underlined that some of the European tourists would pay these high sums: "There will be a recovery over time, but the whole point is that To keep the relationship free, to promote and to market. " he said.

Duran said that the winter season is mainly golf, sports and congress tourism and they predict that the number of tourists from Europe will be lower this year than last year.

For this reason, Duran suggests that tourists should go to the Scandinavian market and try to get guests from there, "the people of the Scandinavian countries prefer the warmer countries, they prefer to live and spend time in warm countries, perhaps by they health tourism in them, work should continue to work to ensure that people spend their winter time in a healthy climate like Turkey, "she said.

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14 million 694 thousand 818 lira made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the official opening on February 11 by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim telecommunication show the interest of domestic and foreign tourists.

The cable car line of 706 meters long, which can be reached in 9 minutes from Sarısu to 650 altitude Tünektaepe, has used 250 thousand people so far. The summit of the ski lifts gives Antalya a bird's-eye view.

In the social facilities in Tünekepe, sipping hot drinks, gazing from the local products in the Yörük tent, taking pictures in front of the sight of Antalya.

In addition to the tourists who entered the cable car on a daily basis, the number of tourists who came only through contracted agencies reached 10 bans. 85 percent of the tourists were Russians.

With the sight of the harbor and Antalya, Tünektaepe, which presented a visual feast for its visitors, only reached 65 thousand in August.